Nicho Type In A Unique Trending Way

Nicho Type has been used for a very long time in the Spanish culture and this will come in the front for peoples and on trends for showing the Mexican art. This is also very popular in the middle and south side of America.

What Types of this Nicho?

Actually, this is an old art and very traditional art. This art is used by homemade art techniques. different types of people used different type of art for making this Nicho Type.

What Is Mexican Folk Art?

Mexican folk art is the conversion art of old and very traditional Spanish art. The tradition of creating ornately decorated tin plate frames, or Nicho type, has come to define this Mexican Folk Art


By Which Materials Nicho Type Made With?

This Nicho Type is made with home extra materials which items are mostly used for design and art. This Nicho is made of small tin and boxes with very curiosity and with different kinds of beautiful things and graphics also.


Steps Of Making Nicho Type

  1. Cut Out the Nicho Tin Box. There are three parts to my Nicho template. …
  2. Cut Out the Nicho Box “Face” and “Back” …
  3. Place the Conductive Fabric Black and Glitter Tape Traces. …
  4. Place the Colorful LED Trending Stickers. …
  5. Decorate and Assemble the Nicho Type…
  6. Pack this Nicho with Loving Art.

How Nicho Grow By The Time?

This Nicho Type art is grown from the old roman catholic retablo paintings. Which are made up of wooden plates and some tin boxes. On this, the artist painted some religious sculptures and paintings.

In Modern Time Nicho Type?

With time and the evaluation of people’s education, this art is a viral topic for everyone and all approx peoples


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